New philosophy

When one plans to build a house, which would stand for long-long years, the most important thing would be to lay a high-quality strong basement, then to erect durable walls and a roof. Things like that are of top priority for a good living. There’s no sense in making expensive repair in a house with walls blown through and a roof leaking, because after a year or two the best repair works will be ruined. Where the basement is unreliable – the whole house is going surely down to pieces under heavy loads burying its poor inhabitants.

The same story repeats, when one starts designing a state structure model. To build up a decent civil society one should choose a reliable basement of the society and to formulate correctly the central stem - the state political structure. All other subsystems of the state - are of minor importance, and no matter how good they would be, once installed on a bad - initially incorrectly chosen basement – with time inevitably the whole system will go disbalanced suffering from economic crises, civil and/or external war.
For this reason, specifically, all chapters, except for the major: ‘Basis’, ‘The state political structure’ and "Economy", as the most important subsystem, which defines redistribution of resources in the state and between its residents, are located in another section of the site.
When developing the New philosophy model of a decent civil society we were guided by the following principles:
  1. The state, as a whole, and its residents in particular should have exact high onjectives aimed to creation and prosperity of the mankind. In this case many subsystems, such as education, health care will start automatically working for the people, just because the state will need healthy and well-educated people of high culture and intellectuality.
  2. The state model should not be idealistic. No model would be sustainable unless it considers the possibility of coming to our World of good and evil geniuses.
  3. The good living standards can only be reached under a decent management. It makes no sense searching a concrete most worthy person in the country, for there should be a certain procedure, which would serve to promote the best of the best persons to every level of power.
  4. The state should leave no chance for a monarchy style ruling, i.e. an uncontrolled power of ‘the one’.
  5. Initially, everyone in the state should be granted equal rights, while the matter of resources distribution should depend on the personal value for the society.
  6. The state should be built on principles of racial, gender, religious and every other equality.

We believe we have succeeded in creation of the New philosophy as a high-quality model unique in Russia and in the World, which rejects the very fact of occurrence of severe social conflicts, economic crises, or wars.

Hereby the New philosophy is stated as the National idea of Russia.