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       History has proven that the end of any war does not guarantee that there won't be a new one. That's why to be involved and even win the World War III is pointless, especially if it is done «at any cost». New Philosophy argues that the only result of the World War III should be the establishment of a society where a priori economic crises and wars will be excluded, and which will be focused on creation, development and prosperity of person and all the humanity.

      New Philosophy — the only project which was created back in 2007 specially to unite the people of our country, to specify not only hope, but also a direct exit from the World War III, to prevent open hostilities on the territory of our country, thus to preserve and protect Russia, ensure the survival of the maximum number of its inhabitants. New Philosophy is a way of ending the war, formation of a new highly-intellectual society, which would grant everyone equal opportunities in obtaining worthful and fair civil and social rights, high education and personal enhancement.

Yours faithfully, Artem Rysenkov, project leader.