New Philisophy Realization

There are not so many options changing the political structure of the country, all of them are well-known:
1. Revolution (Russia, 1917)
2. External aggression (Libya, Iraq)
3. Peaceful variant, when the old power voluntary gives the power over to a new political leaders (examples are hardly recalled)
4. Internal system crisis (Russia, 1991)

1) No matter how bad the situation in the country would be, no matter what we would consider proper for correction of the very substance of civil society formation, NO ONE from the New philosophy ideologists will NEVER call people to barricades, or actually, to a sure death, or call the state to a cloacae of civil war!

2) There are only 2 states in the World being basically capable of organizing a direct intervention to Russia, these are the USA and China. We are sure, in the short run there’s no chance for that.

3) We would like everyone to understand that the New philosophy, as well as the today's state structure model is a model of a democratic society. Hence, the replacement of one model by another does not change the Constitutional system of Russia and basically can be conducted through a Referendum or even by ordinary modification of some Laws.

However, as we already spoke in the Chapter ‘New philosophy’, the model is not only a basis of the state, but it is also a system of the state political structure, namely, how many branches of power there are, their authority, their interaction, the way people come to power and leave it.

The political elite is a tiny part of the whole society. However, it forms up the top layer of the present system, and it is the very people who support the system: publish the Laws required for the system functioning, supervise over their performance and punish for non-performance. If the system is changed, the overwhelming number of people from the elite will lose their offices, what they, certainly, by all forces and means will try to object. It would be naïve to expect they all would leave their offices for the good of the people, therefore in the pure form this option seems to be absolutely utopian.

4) Starting from 1991, every 5-10 years our country suffered some kind of crisis. The crisis of 2008 hardly seems to be the last. A very severe by nature system crisis can burst out in the country for 3 reasons:
1. Internal economic crisis similar to 1998
2. External economic crisis involving the failure of dollar or euro system
3. World War III

Hereby stated: all these events are going to take place in a reverse sequence: start of World War III, failure of monetary system followed by a horrible system crisis in Russia.

We expect that, when against the background of the war, the most severe system crisis bursts out in Russia, the Russian political elite at last will think about about the people and make a sole correct decision: will establish together with the people that unique state structure model, which eliminates the fact of occurrence in it of social conflicts, economic crises, let alone the wars, the unique model, which thinks of the planet, about the future of children and, in general, about the future generations – the New philosophy.

This Section offers some speculations about how the war is going to begin, the way it is going to develop, and how it is necessarily going to end. 2 projects are placed separately, they require further development at the moment of building the new under the New philosophy model. These projects are: ‘International language’ - establishment of the Russian language as the main international language on the planet and the project ‘Orthodoxy’ – the reform, and later proliferation of our religion worldwide, altogether being the Russian idea. This Section contains the further description of the New philosophy state structure model, i.e. next chapters devoted to stability and development of the mankind, which will be useful for the new society formation.

P.S. This site Section is in translation. Information in English will be accessible later.