Analysis of other state models

Starting from 1991, every 5-10 years our country suffered some kind of crisis. The crisis of 2008 hardly seems to be the last. So, any subsequent crisis by its severity may appear similar to the one of 1991, and then we might see not only a collapse of the state government system, but also a change in the whole country development course.

Evidently, everyone would like to live in a decent society, sharing its stability and prospect ideals. However, a certain model is needed to build such a society. Hope, you agree, it would be interesting to have a look, what various ideologists and their ideologies could offer us.

Thus, the second main direction of work under the New philosophy project is gathering and assessment of all state structure models being offered in Russia today. There is a great variety of models, reviewing them would make quite a complicated task. At that, the smallest noteless idea may appear very useful within the state limits and, on the contrary, often the most beautiful and good ideas can lead the country and its residents to Hell.

Out of all models we have selected the ones representing a clear separate direction, and we have analyzed them in brief.

It is worth noting, we wish everyone to understand: we have our own opinion, however we do not force it on anybody: ‘always there is truth, but it is not necessarily, where we would like to see it’. For the most part the New philosophy is an informational project: our genuine desire is to keep you informed about available similar theories. For this reason and for everyone could have made his personal opinion, the primary sources will be attached to analytical materials.

We have processed a great number of theories and over 10.000 pages of ideological materials. Therefore, we beg your pardon in advance for a minor bit of humour and cynicism in our texts – without them it would be rather difficult to read and analyze such materials.

P.S. This site Section is in translation. Currently, one can find here the most important state structure models only.